Are you unable to work for a prolonged period due to an injury or illness?

Did you know if you suffer an accident at work, at home, while playing sports or even while on holiday, that you may be eligible to make personal accident & illness insurance claims against your insurance policy?

These policies are designed to protect you in situations that cause a change in your circumstances following an accident or injury. Unfortunately, many people do not take advantage of the full range of benefits their policies offer simply due to lack of knowledge.

Depending on the level of cover you hold and the policy inclusions, you may be entitled to regular financial benefits, help with your rehabilitation costs and payment for permanent injury.

Has your claim been rejected?

The personal accident & illness insurance claims process for personal insurance can be tedious and can often be a long process.

Initially, many claims are rejected by the insurer due to lack of evidence or hidden terms and conditions. Having a professional legal team behind you, who understands the fine print, gives you the power to challenge their decision. You can rest assured that CLP Legal will fight for you. Contact us today!

Personal Accident & Illness Insurance Claims in Perth

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Due to the complexity of many insurance policies, it is often difficult to establish exactly what you are covered for and how to get the maximum benefits you deserve from all available sources.

Receiving quality and sound advice from our experienced team at CLP Legal means you are in safe hands. We will talk you through every step of the process in a language that you can understand, and ensure that you get every dollar that you are entitled to.

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