Medical Negligence Claims

When in the care of a Doctor or medical specialist, most people trust that they’ll be looked after properly and to the highest standard.

All patients are entitled to quality health care, and, by West Australian law, health professionals have a standard of care and professionalism they must maintain to do the best for our wellbeing.

If your health has suffered as a result of incompetence by a Doctor or specialist, or you have been the victim of a medical error, you may be entitled to medical negligence compensation. Whether you have been misdiagnosed, had poor medical treatment, or been a victim of misconduct, CLP Legal can help you with your medical negligence claims.

What is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence often referred to as ‘Medical Malpractice’ is the result of a lack of due diligence and the failure from a health care provider, including General Practitioners, Surgeons, Dentists and Medical Specialists, to treat you with reasonable care, resulting in an injury. This falls within the field of medical negligence law, which stipulates the obligation of health professionals to maintain a duty of care.

Medical negligence cases can take many forms. Some common examples include:

  • Failure to refer including specialist advice or emergency treatment
  • Defective medical products
  • Pregnancy and labour management errors including stillbirths and neonatal deaths
  • Misdiagnosis or delays in diagnosis
  • Surgical errors including cosmetic surgery issues
  • Sterilisation failures
  • Anaesthesia errors
  • The prescription of incorrect medication dosages

Confidentiality and discretion - guaranteed.

Our team of legal experts specialises in representing individuals who have not received the correct standard of medical care expected in medical law. In such cases, patients have the right to seek medical negligence payouts as a form of compensation. 

Medical negligence is a very serious matter, which is why our team at CLP Legal is dedicated to ensuring our clients get justice and receive fair compensation. If you feel you have been mistreated, misdiagnosed or received an inadequate standard of care in a public or private practice or hospital, we will handle your claim with complete professionalism ensuring we always maintain absolute discretion and confidentiality.

We Care About You and Your Wellbeing

Medical negligence claims can often be a very complex process and hard to substantiate.

Working with the team at CLP Legal, gives you peace of mind in knowing that we have the expertise needed to make your case a success.

We sympathise with and offer support to our clients throughout the claim process keeping you informed with our progress along the way.

There are strict time limits in place for making medical negligence claims, so we advise to arrange a consultation immediately.

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