Death and Superannuation Insurance Claims

Losing a loved one is never easy and coping with the emotional impact and sense of loss can be difficult enough without the additional financial pressures that can arise, particularly if they were the main source of income for your family.

To help ease the burden, we can provide advice on life insurance and superannuation policy entitlements as well as any potential death and superannuation insurance claims that can be made.

Death and Superannuation Insurance Claims in Perth

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an optional cover taken out in addition to superannuation.

Depending on the policy, and in some circumstances, it may also be possible for the policy holder to claim, if they have been diagnosed as terminally ill by a registered Medical Practitioner.

These funds are paid in advance to assist in the cost associated with palliative care and help with a quality ‘end of life’ experience for the patient and their family.

Superannuation and Death Claims

If you are required to stop work due to injury or illness, you may have a claim for disability benefits under your superannuation fund or any other personal insurance policy.

This is in addition to any workers compensation or any government benefits that may be available to you.

In the case of death, all superannuation fund death benefits are paid to a surviving partner, defacto, children or dependants, or to the deceased person’s estate or nominated trustee(s).

Helping you through the difficult times

Obtaining access to these benefits can be a lengthy and often complicated process. Our team of experts specialising in death and superannuation insurance claims understand how difficult it can be, which is why we offer a warm, understanding and most importantly, personal legal service, treating every client individually.

Every case is unique, and we will walk you through each step providing support and advice.

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