Criminal Injuries Compensation

The effects of criminal injuries can be long lasting and have a significant impact on both physical and mental health.

Many victims experience long-term distress, often suffering ongoing anguish and seeing a significant change in the wellbeing of not only themselves, but those around them.

Helping you through the difficult times

Even if charges have not been brought against the accused offender, you may still be entitled to a claim for criminal injury compensation.

At CLP Legal we understand it is not always solely the victim who is majorly affected. Close relatives of a victim may also be entitled to a claim. As one of Perth and Fremantle’s most trusted law firms, we can help you ascertain your eligibility for criminal injuries compensation to get the help you need.

We are experts in handling compensation claims and will do our upmost to ensure you receive every dollar you are entitled to under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Act 2023 in Western Australia.

Please note, applications for compensation claims can only be completed if the offense took place on or after Friday 22nd January 1971.

Criminal Injuries Compensation in Perth - CLP Legal

Our Tailored Legal Service

Every claim relating to criminal injury compensation is unique. Our team of dedicated legal specialists will work with you to manage your claim from start to finish, ensuring the fairest outcome is achieved for all victims affected by crime.

In your initial *free consultation, we will discuss your options and tailor our services to suit you and your claim.

You may be entitled to a claim for compensation if any of the following have occurred as a result of criminal activity:

  • Physical or mental injury
  • Injuries that have resulted in your financial loss
  • Suffering financial loss as a result of a close family member being killed due to criminal activity

*Conditions apply.

What could I be entitled to under Criminal Injuries Compensation ?

A successful criminal injury compensation can include:

  • Injuries – Compensation for pain and suffering and/or loss of enjoyment of life and bodily or mental harm, both past and future.
  • Medical expenses – Expenses incurred during the injury that are over and above any benefits paid by Medicare and private health cover.
  • Future medical expenses – Excluding benefits paid by Medicare and private health cover.
  • Earning capacity – Changes to past and future loss of income and earning capacity.
  • Travel – Any expenses incurred in travelling to receive medical treatment

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