CLP Legal has successfully represented the Perth community since 2004

Our law firm has developed an outstanding reputation throughout Perth and Fremantle. First established in January 2000, as Piu & Associates. the law firm was renamed CLP Lawyers in 2004 and finally CLP Legal in 2008. We are proud to have two offices in Perth and Fremantle for your convenience.

CLP Legal's Vision

We are an innovative law firm dedicated to achieving an outstanding level of staff and client satisfaction, whether in Perth or Fremantle. Our legal team consists of highly skilled and experienced litigation lawyers specialising in personal injury law, compensation law, and are highly regarded as experts in the industry.

At CLP Legal we always have our client’s best interest at heart and we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and satisfaction.

CLP Legal's Mission

Our law firm educates, develops and rewards our team in Perth and Fremantle, always striving to create a culture of service excellence.

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Our Directors


Born in Argentina of Italian parentage, Vince’s family migrated to Fremantle in 1964 when he was 11. After graduating with a BA and Dip Ed in 1975, he began a career in teaching high school English and Italian. Switching to the legal profession in 1989, he completed his law degree at Deakin University and was admitted to practice in 2002. Fluent in Italian and Spanish, Vince can communicate with and assist members of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese communities.


Basil was born in Fremantle and is fluent in and of Italian parentage. After establishing a successful career in engineering, he expanded his expertise into the legal profession. Completing his law degree at Deakin University, Basil was admitted to practice in 2002. His legal career began with Minter Ellison, before establishing his own practice. To complement his engineering skillset, Basil specialises in corporate and commercial law, providing advice on building and construction, property, resource and mining law, in addition to business advice and litigation.


John was born in Singapore and is fluent in Malay. He completed his law degree at Bristol University in England in 1987, where he spent the following year at the Council of Legal Education and obtained his admission to Gray’s Inn in London. In 1989 John arrived in Australia and was admitted to practice in the ACT and WA. He specialises in compensation law and has conducted many successful accident claims. Currently the Vice President of the Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre, John is dedicated to assisting and advising accident victims and people with special needs.

CLP offers a range of Legal Services in Perth & Fremantle

CLP Legal have been helping the Perth community since 2004 with personal injury claims and advice. For more information on how we can help with your claim, please click on a service below.

Personal Injury Lawyers Perth

If you happen to have suffered an injury and you’re drowning in medical bills, you should consider CLP Legal as your personal injury lawyer.

Catastrophic Injury Claims

If you have experienced physical injury, stress, or anxiety as the result of a motor vehicle accident, seek advice from CLP Legal immediately, as there may be time limit restrictions and timeframes in which a claim must be made.

Criminal Injuries Compensation

Every claim relating to criminal compensation is unique. Our team of dedicated legal specialists will work with you to manage your claim from start to finish, ensuring the fairest outcome is achieved for all victims affected by crime.

Motor Vehicle Accident Personal Injury Claims

If you have experienced physical injury, stress, or anxiety as the result of an accident, seek advice from CLP Legal car accident lawyers immediately, as there may be time limit restrictions and timeframes in which a claim must be made.

Workers Compensation Claims

If you have injured yourself whilst at work, suffered a work or role-related injury, or have been involved in an accident on your way to or from work, you may be entitled to work injury compensation.

Medical Negligence Claims

If your health has suffered as a result of incompetence by a Doctor or specialist, or you have been the victim of a medical error, you may be entitled to medical negligence compensation.

Public Liability Insurance Claims

Accidents can happen anywhere at any time, from parks or school-yards to shopping centres, and if you suffer from an injury through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to make a public liability claim.

Sickness & Accident Insurance Claims

Did you know if you suffer an accident at work, at home, while playing sports or even while on holiday, that you may be eligible to make a claim against your insurance policy?

Latest News from CLP Legal

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